The Book of Daniel (2013)


The Book of Daniel
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The story begins with a brief reference to king Nebuchadnezzar robbing the Jerusalem temple and carrying its treasures back to Babylon. It goes on to describe how some young members of the Judean nobility, including Daniel and his three companions, are inducted into the king’s service. Daniel and his companions are given Babylonian names, but refuse to be ‘defiled’ by the royal provisions of food and wine. Their overseer fears for his life in case the health of his charges deteriorates, but Daniel suggests a ten day trial on a simple diet of vegetables and water. When they miraculously emerge healthier than their counterparts, Daniel and his friends are allowed to continue with their diet. At the end of the induction period, the king finds them ‘ten times better’ than all the wise men in his service, and it is noted that Daniel has a particular gift for dream interpretation.

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