Genesis 7 (TV-Series) (2012-2013)


Genesis 7
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Join the Genesis 7 spacecraft and it’s crew…

Episodes Currently Available:
– #1 – The Mission
– #2 – Journey to the Sun
– #3 – Unexpected Return
– #4 – To Venus
– #5 – Mars Landing
– #6 – Into the Trenches of Mars
– #7 – The Storms of Jupiter
– #8 – Saturn Ringed World
– #9 – The Icy World of Uranus
– #10 – Blue Neptune
– #11 – The Kuiper Belt
– #12 – Beyond the Interstellar Medium

In the tradition of The Magic School Bus, this adventure-filled series educations young space cadets about the solar system as it follows the Genesis 7 spacecraft and its lander fondly known as “Little G”.

Piloted by Lt. Donton Andrews under the command of his uncle, Captain Enoch Andrews, and the captain’s niece, imaging specialist Priscilla Andrews, the craft embarks on a year-long examination of the solar system.

Throughout their fact-finding missions, communications specialist Lt. Abby Jennings and her ground crew work hard from Genesis Command to ensure their success.

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One Response so far.

  1. Shepherd says:

    I got episode 3 to check it out before buying more. I could not find 1 or 2. Acting is poor but very good special effects and very good educational value. The extras do a great job reviewing the science. I have only seen one and will buy the others but this seems to be based on the Young-Earth Creationists view. I wish the writers had read “More Than A Theory” by Dr. Hugh Ross. It does provide an educational opportunity for me with the kids.

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