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Finding Normal
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Funny, lighthearted, and poignant

In Finding Normal, Candace Cameron Bure stars as the effortlessly attractive Dr. Lisa Leland, a brilliant, big city surgeon with absolutely no bedside manner. She leaves her USC practice to move to New York’s swanky Hamptons, where her concierge doctor boyfriend Dr. Steve (Andrew Bongiorno) treats the rich and famous. Speeding cross-country to her new life, Lisa’s distracted driving sends her BMW through the welcome sign of the tiny town of Normal, North Carolina (population 321), slogan “It’s good to be Normal.” Slightly shaken and cited for numerous infractions by local police officer Lester O’Toole (Mark Irvingsen), the town’s judge Shelby (Lou Beatty Jr.) finds Dr. Leland guilty and orders her to several days of community service – as a traveling doctor, making house-calls to all sorts of residents sorely in need of a local physician. Stuck in a town with no Wi–Fi, no lattes and no credit cards, Lisa grudgingly makes contact with Normal residents, including handy, principled Lucas Craig (Trevor St. John). Alternately aggravated, challenged, and charmed by each person during this time, Lisa unknowingly discovers both herself and what a meaningful life is all about – all of which puts her once-sure path to New York into question.

“Finding Normal is a perfect movie for families looking for a romantic and inspirational story,” said Barbara Fisher, SVP, Original Programming, GMC TV. “GMC continues to expand our lineup of original programming with content that features uplifting stories with popular, high-profile casts that appeal to a multi-cultural and multi-generational audience. We are pleased to again work with the talented Candace Cameron Bure, who starred in one of our highest rated original movies, The Heart of Christmas.”

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5 Responses so far.

  1. Pam Nathanson says:

    She leaves her USC practice, not UCLA. It’s clearly marked at the start of the film.

  2. D N HOFFMAN says:

    I didn’t know anything about this movie when I came across it on Netflix & thought it sounded interesting. After enjoying the movie, I told my wife that I didn’t know when this movie was made, but judging from the cell phone, it appeared to be a relatively new movie. We thoroughly enjoyed it & were impressed with the morals & principles that were promoted throughout a movie produced in these times. Well written and good acting. Excellent movie for all age groups.

  3. Beth says:

    This is a complete rip off Doc Hollywood
    which starred Michael J Fox. It’s the female
    Version of that movie. Of course the story
    Is a little different the premise is the same.
    It’s a cute movie in its
    Own right but doesn’t hold a candle to the
    Hilariously funny Doc Hollywood.

  4. Judy Beck says:

    It’s great too see a movie where the entire movie can be seen by people of all ages. The acting skills were great and the story line believable. Of course, I loved the ending. When “Lisa” explained to her fiancé why she couldn’t marry him, I was so impressed. Her character will give a lot of young people, and even older ones, a lot to think about.

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