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On February 18, 2013
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In the early 2000’s there was a real sense of security when it came to jobs and finances. Then came the 2008 recession. The last few years has seen a real downturn in the economy. During that time many people have had to take less pay and forego their benefits to keep their jobs, whilst many others have lost their jobs. And through it all many families have had to face the cold hard reality of credit issues, negative equity, and foreclosure on their homes.

foreclosedmoviesmForeclosed, the new 16 minute short from writer/director Michael Gier, follows the story of Elaine and Peter Marshall, a couple who in 2003 stepped right into the middle of their American dream – Peter had a high paying job he loved which enabled Elaine to be a stay-at-home mom in their shiny new house. And everything was looking very peachy indeed. Fast forward 9 years and we find Peter out of work, Elaine working a thankless job waiting tables, no longer do they have a maid service cleaning the house, and to top it all their home is foreclosed upon.

Foreclosed is an very well produced short – it’s beautifully filmed and edited, the picture is clear and colorful, the sound is clear and free from noise, and the acting is good from all involved. It’s not quite up to Hollywood standards, but as good as it gets for a low-budget short.

As Foreclosed is a short film, the story does suffer somewhat as a result. As I have personally known several people who have been affected by the current economic downturn, I really wanted to feel for the Marshall’s and their predicament. The film does make it’s point loud and clear, but the whole thing just rang a little hollow due to lack of story and character development.

As for Christian content – Foreclosed is written and produced from a solid Christian worldview, with Godly contentment being the main focus of the film. There are several moments were Foreclosed really shines, especially when Elaine’s friends Terri gives her some advice regarding contentment and weathering the storms of life. I also liked the the song the producers chose to use as the final credits rolled, The Best Is Yet To Come by The Joy Eternal.

As in the case of so many short films, had Foreclosed been given more screen time it could have been something special. Instead, the film seemed rushed and at the end I was left with the feeling that the producers had tried to cram a lot into such a small time frame. However, and because of its short running time, Foreclosed would be an excellent choice for home and church study groups.


A cold hard reality for many, Foreclosed tells the story of a family facing some hard and potentially life changing challenges of a recession. Although I felt the film needed more time to develop the story as well as the characters, Foreclosed is a well made short that would be great for use in study groups.

Christian St John – Christian Film Guide Editor

Christian Film Guide Ratings for Foreclosed (2013)
: None.
Sex/Nudity: None.
Language: None.
Drugs/Alcohol: None.
Faith/Spiritual Content: Film focuses on contentment in tough times. Some brief conversations about learning to be contented in life – sinking roots deeper, can’t control circumstances but can control response, and so on.
Christian Content: ★★★★★
Film-making Quality: ★★★★☆

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