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When it comes to Christmas movies there are literally thousands of movies to choose from. But when it comes to Easter there are only a handful in comparison. Backroads and Lilies is an Easter comedy from Kelly’s Filmworks, the same studio that brought us The Perfect Stranger, Clancy, and 1 Message.

backroadsliliesAlza Bennett is an investment broker who’s on her way to visit her family for the Easter holidays. When her car breaks down and her cell phone runs out of charge, Alza sets out to find a telephone to call for help and stumbles upon the home of a gruff, private farmer called Lincoln. After some brief banter Alza asks Lincoln if he will drive her to her family’s home, a three day journey. When offered $1,000 Lincoln reluctantly agrees. But what neither one of them knows is that it will be the longest three days of their lives!

Backroads and Lilies is a funny and touching road trip movie. There are too few Christian comedy movies and it was nice to take a break from all the heavy Christian drama movies I’ve been reviewing lately and watch a film that didn’t require too much thought on my part.

The production quality of the film isn’t the greatest, but this is more than made up for by the humorous and warm story, excellently written screenplay, and competent acting. Jefferson Moore plays the silent, gruff farmer Lincoln to perfection, while Christina Karis excels in her first starring role as the non-stop-talking city girl Alza. To make things even better Moore and Karis work really well together which is always a bonus in buddy, buddy, road trip movies. The supporting cast is mostly good too, although a couple of the minor actors are a little wooden and seem like they’re reading from cue cards.

The cinematography is surprisingly good for a low budget movie with some nice panning shots of the Kentucky countryside. The soundtrack is a bit of an oddity – a mix of old school country, modern country, and jazz – but for the most part fit the movie real well… I even thought a couple of the songs used wouldn’t have been amiss in a classic John Hughes movie.

I really liked Backroads and Lilies. To be honest, it’s all been done before and there really isn’t anything here that will wow too many people. But it’s simple, humorous, and family friendly fun that has a lot of heart and contains a solid Christian message. It’s a little like a Christian version of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, just without the planes and trains. It was also refreshing to see a movie in which the main characters have no romantic involvement… they simply find friendship in one another as the movie plays out.

So, if you’re looking for a nice feel-good film this Easter season you might just want to give Backroads and Lilies a try.


Fun and family friendly, Backroads and Lilies is a warm and humorous Easter film that has a lot of heart and contains a solid Christian message.

Christian St John – Christian Film Guide Editor

Christian Film Guide Ratings for Backroads and Lilies (2013)
: Am armed man tries to hold up a convienience store; a man gets sprsyed in the face with perfume; a man gets a black eye (it happens off screeen); a man has his hand injured in the tailgate of his truck; woman says she will punch her husband. Most of the violence is played for laughs and is not overly graphic.
Sex/Nudity: None.
Language: None.
Drugs/Alcohol: Man drinks beer.
Faith/Spiritual Content: A woman’s family is Christian; a couple go to church; food is prayed over a couple of times; a man says he read The Bible twice and it made sense to him; Heaven is mentioned; at an Easter church service a woman makes the observation “It’s Easter… where is everybody?” (often this is all too true); Pastor says “He (Jesus) is risen!”; Pastor gives a brief but meaningful sermon; a church offering is taken; a woman is honest and comes clean to her parents after lying to them.
Christian Content: ★★★★★
Film-making Quality: ★★★☆☆
Main Themes:


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